Basically, very few tools such as a cordless screwdriver or impact wrench with SW13 and assembly mandrels are required. For larger halls, the use of a mobile scaffolding and / or a mobile working platform is recommended. A rotary hammer with a 16mm drill is required to assemble the concrete anchors. The need for the required tools is explained in the form of an overview at the beginning of the assembly instructions as well as for each individual assembly step.

The assembly of our halls can be carried out by skilled craftsmen without any problems. On request, we can also provide a foreman or a complete assembly team.

Our halls are manufactured by an ISO 9001 and EN 1090 certified company. The statics are dimensioned according to EUROCODE exactly based on your location. Your hall thus meets all requirements.

We take care of your requirements and needs and can meet them in the best possible way with our flexible and modular design.
Thanks to the modular concept, you can adjust the length of your hall in a grid of 0.63m. Subsequent additions or changes are also possible.
You can find more information in our brochure.
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It needs a subsurface that is suitable for absorbing the forces arising from wind and snow loads. This surface should be as level as possible.
A concrete strip or slab foundation would be ideal. We will provide you with the information on the manufacture of the concrete foundations on request.
Alternatively, our halls can also be nailed up on asphalt surfaces (road construction) or on the "green field".

With a well-rehearsed team of at least three people, a hall with 300m² of floor space can be completed within a few days.

From commercial and technical clarity and a binding order, a hall delivery is usually available on site within four calendar weeks.

The hall, which is delivered on site by truck, consists of all the materials required for construction, including all fastening materials and auxiliary materials. All axle parts are stacked separately on pallets and protected against moisture and dirt. Small parts such as screws and auxiliary materials are packed in individual boxes. Each package in the delivery is clearly labeled to avoid the risk of mix-ups. The delivery also includes illustrated assembly instructions that are explained very well in individual steps.

Yes, that is possible. Due to the many screw connections, there are many connecting points for other installations such as insulation inside the hall.
Upon request, we can provide you with sources of supply for the materials required to insulate your hall, as well as instructions for assembly.

Basically, we offer our halls in arched form with and without straight side walls. In addition, we can offer various series in the shape of a gable roof.
The available spans range from approx. 5 to 46m free span and without interfering intermediate supports.

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